Sunday, May 19, 2013

Bloody Pulp Magazine

Hi All!  Leigh here...

It's strange to start a new Bloody Pulp Magazine blog post after all these years but... HERE IT IS!

I recently bought the domain from my friend and fellow BloodyPulper, Jeremy Jusay and decided to try and take the magazine in a new-ish direction. Sorta...

In the years since BPM#1, the indy comics world has seemed to exploded.  I've done a bunch of comic projects with a bunch of different people, I've tabled at a few cons and gotten my name out there a little bit (not as much as I should have, mind you) and I always thought about my love for BPM#1; what I consider to be my cherry-poppin' moment and where I want it to go after what is NOW 5 years since we got it printed.

This blog is a harbinger of what's to come.  I'm going to post artwork and maybe sketches of projects I consider to be BPM-worthy.  I'm hoping to get stuff from the other two OG BPM-ers, Glenn Urieta and Jeremy Jusay, as well as some new stuff from new people I want to get involved in the "project."  But first thing's first...  WELCOME, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, TO B-P-M!