Sunday, January 12, 2014

Shani Poster - INSANITY!

I've been working on a poster of Shani that Phil would take with him to an upcoming anime convention.
Here's some process:

I start with a sketch.  This one is 50% the size of the final image (11" x 17" with a 10" x 15" frame)

I take the sketch to pencils by way of a lightbox.  This time I used B lead to do the pencils because I feel more comfortable with a softer lead doing larger drawings.  (Big mistake, the B lead didn't erase completely when I was finished inking... sigh...)

Here's a detail of the face.  I was going for an anime style but I couldn't get away from heavy crosshatching.  This nose linework was done early in the transfer and I liked it.  The anime idea died at that moment.

Here's the inked image.  I used a Winsor and Newton series 7 #3 with Pelikan Black Drawing Ink for a majority of it, with a crowquil for some of  her features.  For the rest of it I used a G-pen, a Gillott 170, Rotring Rapidographs and Speedball ink for the larger black areas.

Detail of her face in ink.

I scanned the line art and colored digitally.  There's a step where I did a blood overlay on a separate piece of paper but I think it's not that interesting to include here.  
That's the making of this Shani poster.  I hope you enjoyed it.  Stay here for more information about Bloody Pulp Magazine.  I think next I'm going to talk about the re-visiting of my story from the original Bloody Pulp Magazine #1 - Love's Sting. (Shani can't have all the fun, right?)

If you would like more info about Shani you can always check out Phillip Lee McCall II's site and I'm always (slight deviation from the definition of ALWAYS) doing some weird stuff over at, so give it a check too.

Thanks for reading!  Lator Gators!