Thursday, November 21, 2013

Shani cover - MADNESS!!!

So I've been working on a Shani the Wanderer cover.  This is what I've done:

It's cool, yeah?  I think so.  I was trying to attempt a Buscema-Conan style, you know, SAVAGE Sword of Conan.  The black and white stuff.  By no means did I reach Buscema level but I think it'll be a cool style to play with.

Let me share some process.

I started with a sketch in my sketchbook.

A lot of red pencil, a lot of tears a lot of complaining, a lot of fighting, blood, screaming, sadness, anger, acceptance...

... then!

I got a viable cover.  It does what I want it to do, but I wasn't completely happy.


Ugh!  I can't get it to do what I want it to do!  I did a bunch of page sketches.  Until I get this:

This was done on a letter sized piece of paper and tightened up with some good ol' onion skin (ahem... tracing paper).

I tightened it up so I can ink.  I also fixed the soldier who's getting stabbed (for better or for worse).

INK TIME!  I started inking.



 ... And done!

I did some craziness with crosshatching and feathering in this picture that if I just drew it straight and used more black it would have taken less time.

Craziness like this:

... aaaand this:

... aaaand this!

This was a ton of fun.  I'm going to color it next which I'll be posting later.

This book will be coming out in July, just so you know, so stay tuned for more!

Later Gators!



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